“Anything that can go wrong, may or may not go wrong.” We have to learn to adapt and make the best of it. However, just because things do not go as expected or hoped for does not mean that one of the most important days of your life is ruined. That is why there are wedding day emergency kits.

Dress – Snags, tears and giant rips happen to wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. A sewing kit is essential to your wedding day emergency kit. Not just any sewing kit. Make sure the thread matches the dresses and you have additional fabric. Remember to include fabric glue as well for really fast fixes. For the fastest way to fix a torn hem, include duct tape. Ask any man – if duct tape can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed.

Make-Up – As tears flow, make-up runs. Water-resistance make-up is a must. Have your make-up artist include the best correction products for the type of make-up you and your bridal party will be wearing. Make sure that those products are easy to use and that you know how to use them, if your make-up will not be at the wedding or your wedding coordinator is not skilled in correcting make-up problems. One of the best wedding photos I have ever seen was of a bride with a single tear streak down her cheek. Everyone could see from her eyes and smile that one tear was a tear of joy.

Stockings and Shoes – Remember to include extra stockings in your wedding day emergency kit as well as a shoe repair kit. Instead of lugging around a giant shoe repair kit, I suggest shoe polish and super glue. If polish and super glue can’t fix it, another pair of shoes is needed. Of course, when possible, have an extra pair of shoes or resolve yourself to pulling a “Julia Roberts” and getting married barefoot.

Hair – What hair products should be included in a wedding day emergency kit? Combs, brushes and (the strongest) hair spray will usually cover it. For those who will be wearing their hair up, remember to include plenty of bobby pins and combs. Curling and straightening irons should be part of the “regular hair kit.” Be sure to speak with your stylist (if unavailable for the wedding) to get the scoop on which products and accessories will work best with the different styles and hair types.

Medications – Medications should be included in your wedding day emergency kit. These would include cough suppressants, pain relievers and anti-nausea medications. Do not use any medications on the day of the wedding you have not used in the past so you know what kind of potential side effects to expect. I do not recommend anti-anxiety medications unless they are normally taken.

Children and Pets – Do not forget to include the needs of children and pets in your wedding day emergency kits. Toys (for both) are necessary. Books and other quiet activities usually work best for children. Avoid squeaky toys whenever possible for pets. Pet carriers are a must. Remember to include medications for children and pets as well.

Although attitude can’t be put in a wedding day emergency kit, it should be carried in the hearts and minds of everyone involved in the wedding. Negativity should be checked at the door and only positive thoughts allowed. With few exceptions (such as death), there are few things that can truly ruin your wedding day. It is important to remember that this is only one day out of a lifetime that you will be sharing with your soul mate. When looking at it like that, one day out of 50 plus years, you can see how things that might go wrong are truly insignificant. And, those “uh ohs” will be smiles and laughter in the future followed by “look at what we overcome to be this happy.” There isn’t a wedding emergency kit available that work more wonders than a positive attitude and expectation of a wonderful future.