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Celebrating for a few days!

I’m sharing Pushpinder’s and Eric’s wedding today. Originally, they wanted to get married in the summer time and enjoy an outdoor wedding with a rustic feel and farm ambience. Life came in the way and the wedding was moved to October. Pushpinder really wanted to…

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What you don’t want to forget on your Wedding Day

There are so many little details to remember while planning your wedding. Rest assured, most of them will be handled by your wedding planner but here are some things, you will want to remember to bring to your wedding venue: An Overnight Bag with your…

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What you need to know while planning a wedding!

How many guests are expected to come to your wedding? The more guests you have, the more expensive your wedding is going to be. Find a venue and set a date! Will this space offer additional room for maybe 20 guests more? If guests are…

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How weddings are changing

Say good-bye to rustic and hello to “old world luxury”. Organic meets industrial. Get creative with your menus. If you say “fresh from the sea”, let your guests know where it’s from. Lighting can completely transform your venue. It can highlight the important elements of…

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Confessions of Wedding Guests

I love it when I get true feedback from guests. Things to look out forĀ on your wedding day: Don’t single out the single ones! Bouquet and garter toss are not very enjoyable for your guests.. Talk to all of your guests and thank them for…

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Biggest wedding trends – 2016

According to some fancy statistics, I now know that couples are spending 20% more on their weddings than they did in 2015. that’s an average of over $12k, WOW! Here is the scoop on what is trending and here to stay: The focus is on…

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To blog or to not to blog

So, I just got back from an amazing wedding conference in Las Vegas and learned that you should do the whole blogging thing in a very consistent matter or not at all. Being consistent can mean once a week, twice a month, every season, etc….

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How to save $$

Spending money for your wedding is so easy but is it within your budget? 74 percent of couples end up going over budget, so here are some ideas on how to stay on track. Put a budget together before you start looking into professionals, wedding…

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It’s always fun to be working with friends in the community and re-introducing your business. Strings & Champagne Events has been around for over 10 years now, holy cow! But it’s always great to reach out and keep your name and info out there. Please…

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Styled Photo Shoot with Real Weddings Magazine

I had the pleasure of working with Real Weddings Magazine again to style and design a wedding photo shoot. I love it when they let me get creative! The theme was to find a piece of music that drives the emotion and then connect to…

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