The Ultimate Checklist for Your Destination Wedding


Wendy Dessler, OutreachMama 

Destination weddings are very trendy. This is a fun way to travel to the place of your dreams and stay there for the honeymoon. It saves time and money and it creates a memory of a lifetime. However, organizing a destination wedding is difficult. If you have forgotten a detail in a wedding near your home, you can improvise. But if you are on a tropical island or another country, you are going to have to roll with it. There is no plan B.

We have put together this list to help you succeed in the destination wedding of your dreams. Follow these tips and your wedding will run smoothly and you will have a great time becoming Mr. & Mrs.

  • Hire a wedding planner

We made a list of pros and cons on the subject of a wedding planner. This is how it shaped up:


  •     You are her focus and she dedicates her time to you.

  •     She has connections in the industry and will be able to tell if the vendor is top rate

  •     She knows how to work with the photographer to ensure he gets prime lighting

  •     She will coordinate to make sure everyone is onboard and ready to perform on time

  •     She protects you from details that would stress you out


We got nothing.  Hire a wedding planner. Don’t give the job to your cousin who managed to arrange a Christmas party at her office. A wedding planner is not planning to feed 25 people in one room and serve punch. She is a professional with her finger on the pulse of the entire event from start to finish. Hire a wedding planner.  Even if you are a wedding planner, you will not have time to do everything. Hire a wedding planner.

Determine your destination

Yes, before you buy your dress, select the dresses for the bridesmaids, or think of the veil you will wear, select your destination. If you decide on a beach wedding, of course, it will be breezy and depending on the month you will be traveling, it can be quite cool. This is not the venue for a bride wearing a very full skirt and cathedral train. Those cute little skirts you selected for your bridesmaid could end up being blown over their heads.

Six months prior to the wedding

  • Order your invitations and set up your wedding social media page

  • Set up your Plumfund account for gifts that can help financially

  • Get your passport, travel visas, and paperwork

  • Start looking for deals on flights

  • Inquire about the laws of the land concerning a wedding

  • If you are traveling out of the country you will need a health record showing vaccinations

  • Find out the exchange rate on currency. It does not matter if your money will pay for the venue here if during the exchange it comes up short.

  • Order dresses

Learn the culture

Can you wear a bikini on the beach? Are you expected to tip the waiter or bartender, or would that be considered rude?

In some cultures, it is considered rude to place the money to pay for your item on the counter. In others, it is considered rude to place money in someone's hand. You need to understand the culture before you go.


  • Take your gown on the plane in your carry on. It is the only item you cannot replace if the luggage is delayed.

  • Take care of your nails. Do not expect to be able to squeeze in a manicure while there.

  • Take a copy of your prescriptions with you in case you are questioned about them

  • Take electricity adapters so your electronics can be charged

  • Take a photocopy of everything in your wallet, front and back. If you lose your wallet you will need to contact the correct people to protect yourself. It is much easier if you have copies of the cards.

  • Download apps to help you with the language and maps of the area

Keep your sense of humor and have a plan B

You cannot expect to travel halfway around the world and put on the biggest event of your life, with a group of people and control every detail. There might be challenges and you need to face them with a smile. That is part of the flavor of a destination wedding. It might rain. The wind could be strong. One groom was trying to order chicken in Argentina and he mispronounced the Spanish word and ordered penis. Having a good sense of humor will take you a long way in a destination wedding.