I love it when I get true feedback from guests.

Things to look out for on your wedding day:

  • Don’t single out the single ones! Bouquet and garter toss are not very enjoyable for your guests..
  • Talk to all of your guests and thank them for coming!
  • Guests should be comfortable, if it’s hot, provide fans, if it’s cold, offer blankets, if the shoes are getting tight, have flip flops available – don’t seat guests in front of speakers or close to doors where it’s drafty
  • Inform your toasters to keep it short!
  • Spreading out your ceremony and reception time makes your guests feel lost in between
  • Pick a good day to travel! Holidays are expensive, weddings during the week make it hard to take off work..
  • A delicious dinner goes a longer way than an elaborate centerpiece
  • Host the night, don’t have your guests pay for drinks at the bar! It doesn’t have to be a full bar.