Say good-bye to rustic and hello to “old world luxury”.

Organic meets industrial.

Get creative with your menus. If you say “fresh from the sea”, let your guests know where it’s from.

Lighting can completely transform your venue. It can highlight the important elements of your decorations and turn the focus towards the wedding party table or dance floor or simply enhance your wedding.

To-be-weds are creating two weddings, one is created on pinterest and one is the one they can afford.

Culinary experiences and progressive dinner receptions are pushing the good old wedding buffets in the corner.

#instagram references are still big but more and more do we see snap chat filters and stories incorporated in the wedding day.

Every wedding needs to special unique and personal detail that makes the difference. If it’s a creative cake that symbolizes your hobby, table names that describe your wedding guests or personalized koozies, which one will yours be?