Bridesmaid Proposal?

My friend Julissa, over at Shari's Berries  has some fun ideas on how to "propose" to your bridesmaids!

Planning your wedding is such a thrilling time!

The high of being engaged, setting a date and selecting your venue, purchasing the perfect dress… there are just so many exciting milestones on the way to tying the knot!

But everyone needs a little help from their friends, and this is something you don’t want to embark upon without your girls.


You want it to be fun, cute, and personal.

After all, these girls are going to stick by you throughout every moment. Show your girl friends how much you appreciate them with a few of these super cute bridesmaid proposal ideas!

  • Give them some bling. Maybe not a ring like your own, but a cute pair of earrings are always appreciated! They’ll serve a fashionable purpose for years to come, too.

  • Add in some sweets. Gifts are nice, but food is priority. Champagne gummy bears, anyone?

  • Gift some relaxation. A spa kit filled with bath bombs, soaps, and body butters is luxurious and practical. Helping plan a wedding ain’t easy, you know!

  • Get sentimental. For those who have been around since your days of foursquare and middle school crushes, fill a box of childhood memories. Photos, ticket stubs, favorite records, and other memories are sure to be a tearjerker.

  • Personalized wine glasses. Surprise your girls next time you have a wine night by giving them a bridesmaid-themed glass to sip out of. They probably knew it was coming, but hopefully they’ll act surprised.

For more ways to pop the question, Shari’s Berries has some more great bridesmaid proposal ideas, including cute printable cards for all your sentimental note writing needs.




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