Your friend is getting married and you are invited! Yay! This is a very exciting time in your friends' life. How does a guest feel about this day? Are you excited to celebrate? Do you know what to wear? What do you get as a gift?

Every guest looks at this from a different perspective.. some may need to book a flight and hotel to attend the celebration, buy a new outfit to wear. Others may have to take the day off and jump in the car and drive for a couple hours and then there are guests that are local, that may just need a lyft for the way home. $$ add up quickly and you haven't even bought a gift yet..

Traditionally, the bride and groom put a registry together. They walk through Macy's and Pottery Barn and add all of those items, they would most likely never buy for themselves but think they could make use of these practical things or wonder they may be nice to have.

This tradition seems to be going away. Most brides and grooms have been living together for a while, they don't need another set of china or bedsheets. They'd rather do a cooking class together or save for a spa weekend in wine country.

If your friends do have a registry, please be sure to only buy the items on the list unless you have a really cool idea and you know for sure, they are going to love it as much as you are. Bringing gifts to the actual wedding is not recommended however.. Yes, it may look really pretty to set a gift on that cute shabby chic decorated table and people know you actually brought a gift but in reality it creates more work for the bride and groom. Now they have to figure out how to get those gifts home when they were actually planning on leaving right for their honeymoon after the reception.

Do your friend a favor and send the gifts to their home address. 

What to do with cards? Have you ever received gift cards for your birthday, mother's day or as a thank you gift? When do you remember using them? Don't they mostly get lost or forgotten?

This is where the Bridal Registry ZOLA  comes in handy. From bread maker to ice cream scoopers, to zoodle tools and trips, wine tasting adventures and theater. The bride and groom can select anything and everything on their registry and leave an option to the guest to leave a cash gift, help with travel or other experiences. Now, it's for the bride and groom to decide, do I really want those pots and pans or would I rather make some memories and jump out of that helicopter with my new partner?




A Day in My Life as a Wedding Planner

Here is an excerpt of a recent published article with  Plannerslounge

What is your typical day like?

I start my day by checking my emails, responding to anything that needs immediate attention, and then I go about my schedule. I work from home where I do all of the behind the scenes work;  blogging, updating my website, posting on social media, taking care of my accounting, adding inspirations to my Pinterest boards, and educating myself on the newest trends and technology. It’s nice and quiet after my sons leave for school and my husband leaves for work.

I enjoy meeting with vendors in my area and exchanging experiences and collaborating on new ideas. My afternoons are mostly filled with taking my children to their sports activities, making dinner, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and everything else a mother has to do. When weekends are not filled with weddings, I love watching my boys play soccer, go skiing, go for dates with my hubby, or join friends and family for a BBQ. I also love planning our next vacation.

How did you get started in the industry?

I always knew I was going to work in the travel industry and starting my career in the hospitality industry lead me through several opportunities until I knew that the event department was my favorite. I have worked every kind of event there is. From political events, to sports events, to fundraisers and trade shows. As well as your typical meetings and social functions; while traveling through Europe and gaining more knowledge each day.

I never stopped learning and added credentials in event marketing and tourism after completing my education with the school for hospitality management. When it was time to start my own business, I started specializing in weddings and never looked back.


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