Kristie and Steve have known each other all of their life. It seemed natural that they would spend the rest of their lives together. Lake Tahoe has always been a special place to them, so this is were they got married! It was really important to Kristie and Steve that they are part of their wedding at every magical moment, so they did all of their formal portraits before the ceremony and celebrated with their friends during cocktail hour, cherished the toasts during dinner and danced until the DJ stopped!




Oh, Katie and Stev! I love these two! A sweet couple from LA.. Stev was about to move away from LA when he met Katie and quickly changed his plans to stay. They consider themselves a little corky with an eye to detail and an overwhelming load of kindness in their hears! A long wedding planning phase in the making and everything turned out exactly as they wished! A little bit of Harry Potter touches, a sunset wedding ceremony, lots of personality and traditions! This wedding was one for the books! The weather was impeccable for November, the changing leaf colors, the perfect crisp weather and an amazing sunset! Our DJ kept the crowd dancing all night long and a glow stick/ New Orleans parade took the guests out onto the beach for a final group photo!




Brittney and Kyle are so in love! They couldn't keep their hands off each other! The bride's family has been going to the Lake Tahoe area since Brittney can remember, so it was an easy decision to lock in a venue that feels like home to them. This was by far the windiest wedding we all experienced! The arch at the ceremony site fell over, chargers, napkins, menu cards, glassware flew across the tables.. the garlands barely held on and there was no way we were going to be able to light all of those candles!! The temperature dropped to the 40's by the end of the night (it was the beginning of June!!) but thankfully, Brittney. had planned for this and brought along her super cute leather jacket which she also gifted to all of her bridesmaids! Take a look at this stunning wedding!



Madison and Davis met on a ski lift while competing for a snowboarding event in Tahoe. It was clear to them that their wedding had to be in the winter and in Tahoe where it all started!  These two are young but when you meet them you think they have been together forever, so wise for their age! Their wish came true, snow capped mountains, sunshine and an outdoor wedding ceremony made this day perfect! Surrounded by friend and family.. what better way to ring in the New Year? Amazing vendors completed this fantastic and fun wedding day in Olympic Valley, CA.



Alaina and Ryan decided to get married in the Tahoe area because they spend a lot of time there. This is where Ryan introduced Alaina to skiing. However, they planned to do a late summer wedding in the mountains. While selecting the venue, they decided on Heavenly Mountain Resort because they wanted to share the beautiful view with their family and friends, something most of them weren't familiar with. We had a lot of fun planning this weekend. Both have a very funny sense of humor and knew what they wanted. The weather didn't quite cooperate with us and this late summer wedding turned into a winter wedding...




Our love story definitely began in the real world. When we first met nearly a decade ago in Denver, Colorado, Nick innocently mistook me for my younger sister and was immediately shamed (lightheartedly)  for this blunder. Our playful relationship was born from that moment and over the years grew into a love based on an unshakable foundation of friendship.

Nick, who moved to Colorado to attend college, became an aerospace engineer and enjoyed all events true to a mountain man, including growing the largest facial beard possible. After hearing that I had some travel experience in Shanghai, China, where he would soon undertake a consultation position, Nick reached out to me to get the low-down. I dragged my feet but we finally rendezvoused and I became awestruck by his man-beard, very much resemblant of a young Santa Claus. The rest was history.

I matched into residency training in San Francisco after medical school and Nick packed everything up and moved with me without hesitation. In the midst of my stressful medical training and long hours in the hospital, he planned a trip to Austria for us to snowboard in the Alps. While in the magical town of Innsbruck,  he proposed, knowing surely I would accept. One year after we got engaged, we welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world (I suppose the universe had plans for us during our long engagement).

Wedding planning in general is not a simple task, so throwing a newborn infant into the mix was needless to say, eventful.  Nick, being from New Hampshire and myself, being from Colorado naturally inspired us to select a venue that would represent our love of the outdoors. Our friends from Lake Tahoe inspired us to check out West Shore Cafe located in Homewood which we booked nearly a year and a half in advance. Being a well-oiled restaurant, this venue was perfect for us as they were fully-equipped, had the infrastructure, served high-end cuisine and offered the most breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe that would impress any guest. Booking this venue lifted a significant burden from planning, however, we still had a tremendous amount of work as we did most pre-wedding day planning on our own.  Surprisingly, Nick and I thoroughly enjoyed working on the small details surrounding our wedding such as making boutonnieres, selecting colors, invitations; our awesome DJ from LA, our talented photographer from SF, etc.  We particularly enjoyed planning our Vietnamese Tea Ceremony which is a wedding tradition true to my cultural background bringing together both of our families and paying tribute to our respective elders. We held the Tea Ceremony the day prior to our wedding in Squaw Valley and had elements of Nick's New England background by having a Maine Style Lobster Boil. 

 In between taking care of our baby, we definitely had fun planning but knew that on the day of our wedding, we could not realistically enjoy time with our family and friends without the assistance of a day-of wedding coordinator.  Our wedding coordinator did not let us down. As promised, she made us feel like we were guests at our own wedding after extensively learning about our vision for our wedding day and taking point on all questions on our behalf. As much as I prided myself on how calm I was on our wedding day,  there was still an unavoidable sense of worry the morning of the wedding day, which I think is perfectly normal and to be expected. But knowing that I had an experienced coordinator truly put me at ease as I relinquished the reigns and eased into enjoying my actual wedding day.  For all of the money, effort and time that any couple puts into planning a wedding, I think allocating money to a coordinator can be one of the best decisions they can make.

Though our wedding was a day to celebrate the two of us, what I enjoyed most was being in the presence of all of our favorite people in the world. Never have I experienced such love from a hand selected group of our favorite people. As cliche as it may sound, our wedding was one of the best days of my life. 







I love winter weddings in Tahoe. I also love summer weddings in Tahoe! Megan and Tommy got so lucky that the weather fairy listened to them! We had snow, we had a ceremony outside and all the fun that goes with it! This was such a great party. Guests danced to the band JumpStart all night long. Megan performed on stage and all had a blast. No Tahoe wedding can do without smores and plenty of yummy treats. All were full from dinner but just couldn't say no to the delicious desserts. We planned this wedding in under 3 months and with the help of friends and family, this turned out to be a memorable day filled with lots of personality!




When Ashley, Mike and I first met, we already knew that the wedding was going to be on the mountain top of Homewood and the reception at the lodge. But everything else was up in the air. We had 6 months to coordinate this super fun weekend and a great group of friends and family. All that mattered was love and fun! Simplicity was the goal but we needed a great band. Nobody but the Decades provided this for us. They rocked it and so did the guests! Ciprian, our photographer captured it all and romantic guitar music started it all.. Guests took the chair lift to the mountain top, enjoyed beverages and the best view over Lake Tahoe. Appetizers were offered at the bottom of the hill. Dinner didn't last long, this crowd wanted to dance! And they did!




Sometimes the mother of the groom just knows better! Jen and Joe are such a laid back couple. They just wanted to get married and didn't care much about the little things, so Joe's mother Chari helped out. Guests were treated with some great events in and around Lake Tahoe. BBQ at the beach, festival in Squaw Valley and partying with the bride and groom. I loved Jen's wedding shoes! The few extra details made the difference. We celebrated a Jewish American Wedding. The ceremony was lovely and so intimate, although there were plenty of guests and the chair dances bring so much energy to the crowd. Nobody wanted to stop dancing! The food at West Shore Cafe was amazing as always and the dessert didn't disappoint either. A silent disco at the end of the night was the HIT!